The Verge

Explored Systems
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“All in all, the Verge is a sector of space about 100 light-years long, wide, and deep. With an approximate stellar density of one star for every 10 cubic light-years, the Verge contains some 10,000 stars, and explorers have examined only 1000 of those. Fewer than 100 of these explored stars possess colonies.” – “The Verge”, Star Drive setting

Exploration of the Verge can be traced back to the StarMech Collective‘s exploration of the Tendril System in 2315. It sparked an expansionist rush by many of the other stellar nations, as more and more systems were claimed. This lasted until 2341 after the Borealis Republic colonized the Hammer’s Star System, after which time, the stellar nation retreated back into themselves in preparation for what would become the second galactic war.

Located in the space between the Orion and Perseus Arms of the Milky Way, the Verge is both a home to the frontier spirit of humanity… and a place of great mystery. When contact was lost with the Stellar Nations in 2375, dozens of colonies found themselves left to fend for themselves. Mercenary and Pirate organizations sprang forth in the darkness of space as the political forces among the colonies rose, fell, and shifted.

With the return of the stellar nations in 2498, the politics, both legal and otherwise, have started new rumbling of discord as some colonies welcome back their patron nations and others loudly claim their independence.

The Verge

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