Captain James Hanner

Life-long trader and Captain of the Farseer's Coin


James Hanner was born on the merchant Freighter Jolly Gold Pot, a mid-sized freighter owned and operated by his father, William Hanner. From birth, all James knew was freighters, trading, and profit… and he was good at it.

By the age of 38, James saved enough money while working under his father to purchase the Farseer’s Coin. Liking the transient nature of the Stellar Nations olive branch, The Lighthouse space station, James chose The Lighthouse in which to register his new vessel, as well as find his crew.

Over his many decades as a trade merchant within The Verge, James was quite familiar with identifying solid leads and trustworthy information, and when whispers of rumor came to Jame’s ears about a lost ship with advanced technology, he made it a point to track down as much information as he could.

Captain James Hanner

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