Business of Life

And from the mist steps...

Let it roll

In this episode, it begins… not the campaign, mind you. Oh no! Player creation!
While future installments will detail the story that unfolds for my victims cough players, this entry is more my torture. Gah! I’ve always had stories in my head but the balance between letting players create their characters and those characters not stepping on my story, all while attempting to keep my story a secret… Sheesh!

Ok, well, I’m new at GMing, so I’m going to probably muck up often… but, then again, my players are new at playing, so, I suppose we’re even. At the moment… there’s me and my two players. We’ve just come off a small, funny little middle eastern campaign NOT run by me, and now we’re diving into some Sci-fi. Rule System of choice? Alternity! A late 90s game system that sadly did not survive, but, in my humble opinion, not because it wasn’t a good system, but because WotC had “better” ideas and killed it. The setting? Star*Drive! Warring nations just off their second galactic war, A region of space reminiscent of the wild west, dangerous “externals” that nobody seems to know much about, and enough political intrigue to remind me why I dislike politics.

And now that my players have sorta finished their characters… maybe I’ll be able to nail down the opening scene! Oh, I know what I want… but it’s about how to get the players there, and to do that I needed to figure out why the characters are there and… Bah! If you’re reading this, you know what I’m doing.

So… next time…
The Opening
When you hear her voice in the dark, you know your plans are ruined.



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